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523 N. Main, Colfax, Washington – 99111
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Call (888) 265-3017




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Welcome to Pearson Farm & Fence Online!

Pearson Farm & Fence provides innovative farming solutions for agriculture. With an extensive livestock and grazing background, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide the right farm equipment to fit your needs. Pearson Farm and Fence carries weed wipers, post drivers, no-till seed drills, pasture irrigation systems and a wide range of fencing tools and supplies, and we deliver them all over the USA and Canada. Browse through our inventory to find the right product for you. Professional installation services are also available.

We will ship the products you need anywhere in USA or Canada. Free shipping is available on qualified orders. Call our specialists at 1(888)265-3017 or visit us today at 523 N. Main Street, Colfax, Washington – 99111.

Improve your farm profits with our innovative solutions directly from New Zealand