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Crowding Tubs:

Stampede Steel has developed a Crowding Tub that will handle
any workload! This heavy duty design will allow your cattle to
abuse this system and it will stand up to the test. We are
cattlemen and realize that the tub is probably the nucleus of
any handling system. Saying this, one must make sure the
cornerstone of the system is heavy, well built and works with
tremendous ease. This tub design is unique because we have
incorporated a double gate system (Double Pivoting Gate).
Item #5300L/R
This virtually eliminates any and all corners in the tub system. What happens is the main pivoting gate swings around to meet up with the secondary gate and pushes this gate around to create a straight section and adding 11’ of alley way into your 20’ diameter tub. By doing this we are able to keep our cattle from turning around as well as we are now able to topdress from tub side.
Complement your Crowding Tub with any SS products
and see why SS are “Industry Leaders.”
This tub can be adapted to any handling system.

Expect SS to Lead the Way in the future of cattle handling!