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Manual Squeeze Item #5000 L/R

Dimensions: Manual Squeeze 124” overall length

86"8221; high 31" inside width 68"inside height 105" inside length

We at Stampede realize ranching is not a 9 to 5 job. This is why we dedicate countless hours, day and night, to serve our customers better! Trust in SS to be there when the sun ? Rises and Sets.? Customer Satisfaction is Our Gratification!

Stampede Steel has developed a manual squeeze that is the heaviest and quietest chute onthe market to date! We have taken squeeze chutes to a new level, by incorporating mass with noise reducing ideas. We have moved the head gate controls to the rear of the chute, the reason for doing this is so you are allowed to stand in the comfort zone of the animals as opposed to standing in the flight zone. By doing this we have eliminated one person at the chute and have not inhibited the flow of our cattle into the working area.

The operator is now able to catch and release the animal from the rear! We have also included our neck extenders to allow the handler to perform “safe” and “stress free” neck injections, dehorning or any headwork that may be required. This chute also comes equipped with four neck and shoulder access doors. The body of the chute has a parallel axis squeezing motion, it will squeeze down to 9” and up to 32” to accommodate any size animal. We have also incorporated our ratchet back up bar to make handling cattle in the chute safer and easier. The lower doors on the squeeze body swing out to give you, the handler, more access points to your animals with one quick and quiet motion.



Bi Fold Door
Our bifold tailgate is like no other. We have taken the bifold concept and incorporated it into the rear of our squeeze to reduce the noise and pulling of guillotine gates. This bifold has little or no noise and you are able to operate it with one simple motion.
SS Manual Chute
with 2800 lb. bull at Calgary Bull Sale!
SS Manual Squeeze Chute
with brisket bar to prevent cattle from going down in the chute.
SS Manual Squeeze with Double Dutch Doors