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Hydraulic Squeeze & Options:

Dimensions: Standard Hydraulic 120” Overall Length 82” Total Height (No Power Pac) 44” Wide (All Squeezes

SS Standard Hydraulic Squeeze Item #5100L/R ( above )
Stampede Steel has designed a hydraulic cattle squeeze for the large cow/calf operator as well as the feedlot. This squeeze comes equipped with a rubber-cushioned head gate to reduce shoulder bruising, as well as our state-of-the-art bifold head gate. Our bifold action head gate has taken head gates to a new level.

The head catch is completely parallel from top to bottom, which makes choking cattle in the chute virtually impossible. We offer neck extensions to be incorporated into any of our chutes. This chute also comes equipped with 6 neck injection sites to make needling an easy task. There are no moving parts that protrude out past the main body of the squeeze when you are working your system.

This will make working in and around the chute much safer than conventional hydraulic chutes. Levers that control the hydraulics are on a swinging pivot arm so the operator is not in the view of the cattle as they enter the chute. You are completely out of the flight zone of the animals!

The Ranchers Choice:126” Rear Connectors to Front of neck extensions total length 112” Floor Length 102” Top of Pivot Arm to Squeeze Floor 20” Palp. Door Opening

"The Ranchers Choice" Item #5105 L/R
SS has developed a squeeze that will do it all! The hydraulic squeeze can be operated from just about anywhere, left/right, front/back. This unit also comes complete with built in palpation doors, both sides as well as Double Dutch (top & bottom side panels both swinging out), for complete access to your animals.

This option will give you better access to your bulls for semen testing, cows for udder accessibility, as well as fitting and working of purebred cattle. Heavy duty construction with all the bells and whistles!

Overhead Scale System: 9’4” Overall height w/power pac 52” Wide (Scale Floor System)

Scale System" Item #5109 L/R
SS Hydraulic Squeezes can come equipped with an Overhead scale unit that will allow you to weigh your livestock. Advantages to using an Overhead scale unit are as follows:

• As livestock enter the squeeze there will be no movement, which keeps the flow onsistent with very little balking.

• When cattle enter the system you can hydraulically lift the animal & chute together to keep your scale weighing evenly throughout the day!

• When processing livestock and weighing is not necessary, this system allows you to leave your squeeze at ground level, keeping the stress off the load sensors! This eliminates the unnecessary use of load cells.