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Squeeze Chutes:


Dimensions: 2K Self Catch
119” long — front of neck extenders to back clips on tailgate. 86” overall height

2K Self Catch Item #5001L/R (L/R designates Left and Right)
Our new Self-Catch squeeze comes with Stampede Steel’s state-of-the-art head catch. We have taken an old concept and have brought it to the new millenium! This head-gate is chain driven, which means there are no cables, easy adjustments, and no hassle! We are now able to run our head-gate completely from the rear of our squeeze.

What this does is keeps the handler or squeeze operator out of the flight zone of the animal and put them in the comfort zone, which in turn will not inhibit the flow of your cattle! Our 2K comes equipped with a Self-Catch headgate, which is outfitted with our head restraining neck extenders, making implanting, neck injections, tagging, as well as any eye or head work a simple task. Stampede Steel’s headgates are renown for keeping the animal’s head from moving side-to-side.


The 2K head gate comes standard with 2 neck injection doors for easy access to your animal for neck injections. Also standard is our inline bifold door, which is the most advanced noise reducing, heavily constructed tail gate on the market to date! All of our squeezes have a parallel axis body that will open to 32” and close to 9” to accommodate any size animal, from a 200 lb. calf to a 2800 lb bull! All squeezes can easily be made portable with our trailer unit. In 1999 SS became dedicated to developing a self catch headgate that would do two very important things, one being, we wanted to incorporate head restraints that would not inhibit the flow through the system and not add any noise to our squeeze chute.

Secondly, we were dedicated to making it operational from the rear of the system, making the only truly one-person squeeze chute. After countless hours and trials we came up with the 2K headgate. This headgate is becoming the industry leader. We are able to catch just about any sized animal! Stampede Steel is dedicated to making the handling of cattle safe, quiet and an enjoyable experience. This chute weighs a remarkable 2030 lbs., it will last you for many generations to come!

“2K Double Dutch Advantage”
Ratchet Bar that comes
standard on all SS Squeezes.
SS brisket bar
Cattle will never go down again!