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Squeeze Chutes:

Stamped Steel stands alone in the market place when it comes to developing Cattle Handling Systems that work.

Stampede systems make the handling of cattle safe, quiet and efficient.




Manual Squeeze Item #5000 L/R

Dimensions: Manual Squeeze 124” overall length
86” high 31” inside width 68” inside height 105” inside length

Weighs over 2000 lbs.
No cable... No chains...
No hassle!

Options Available:

  • Left or right controls
  • 6000 lb. scale Body
  • Extension neck
  • extension
  • Transport Unit
  • Head Table
  • Double Dutch Doors


2K Self Catch Item #5001L/R (L/R designates Left and Right)

Our new Self-Catch squeeze comes with Stampede Steel’s state-of-the-art head catch. We have taken an old concept and have brought it to the new millenium! This head-gate is chain driven, which means there are no cables, easy adjustments, and no hassle! We are now able to run our head-gate completely from the rear of our squeeze.

2K Self Catch
119” long — front of neck extenders to back
clips on tailgate. 86” overall height

Stampede Steel had developed a squeeze that can do it all! This hydraulic squeeze can be operated from just about anywhere thanks to the unique 340° pivot arm system. This squeeze also comes complete with a 20” built in palpation door as well as top and bottom side panels that swing out for full access to the animal. This option will give you better access to your bulls for semen testing, cows for udder accessibility as well as fitting and working of purebred cattle

Overhead Scale System" Item #5109 L/R
SS Hydraulic Squeezes can come equipped with an Overhead scale unit that will allow you to weigh your livestock. Advantages to using an Overhead scale unit are as follows:

• As livestock enter the squeeze there will be no movement, which keeps the flow onsistent with very little balking.

• When cattle enter the system you can hydraulically lift the animal & chute together to keep your scale weighing evenly throughout the day!

• When processing livestock and weighing is not necessary, this system allows you to leave your squeeze at ground level, keeping the stress off the load sensors! This eliminates the unnecessary use of load cells.

Overhead Scale System:
9’4” Overall height w/power pac
52” Wide (Scale Floor System)