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Gate Kits and Handles:

Gallagher provides a range of highly visible, easy-to-use and install electrified gate kits.


Insulated hook for quick and secure attachment of portable power fences.

  • Large secure insulated hook.
  • Streamlined design to allow easy retrieval through
  • pasture.
  • Large molded hand grip.
  • Tough insulated plastic.
  • Attaches to Polywire/Polytape via a simple loop.
  • Use with all Gallagher reels.


Product Image: Bungee Gate

Bungee Gate

Highly visible shock cord that stretches from 11 1/2' to 23'.



Ultra White Spring Gate

  • Ultra white for high visibility to stock and humans.
  • All metal galvanized and powder coated white.
  • Insulated Gate Handle has large protective shields and a galvanized non-turning hook.
  • Can be used on up to 16 1/2' gateways without overstretching.
  • Retracts to hanging position.
  • Pre-assembled for convenience.
  • Kit includes: Insulated Gate Handle, Galvanized
  • White Spring, Gate Anchor Insulator x 2, galvanized mild steel Anchor Plate, Joint Clamp.




3-Way Gate Anchor
  • Heavy-duty, snap-on plastic insulator for steel posts
  • Can be nailed to wooden posts or screwed to vinyl posts
  • Galvanized, mild-steel plate for long life
  • 3 anchor points allow for additional gate connections
  • Power connects to bolt from below the plate
  • Pack includes: 2 Insulators, Plates and Bolts. All preassembledDesigned for use with White 1 1/2" Tape Gate (G641004), Spring Gates (G640104) and Bungy Gates (G640504).

Tape Gate

  • White 1 1/2" tape for visibility.
  • Stainless steel buckles.
  • Heavy duty tension spring.
  • Gate width up to 16 1/2'.
  • Pre-assembled for convenience.
  • Kit includes: Insulated EconoHandle, Gate Anchor Insulator, 1 1/2" Tape, Stainless Steel Buckle x 2, galvanized mild steel Anchor Plate, Stainless Steel Wire Rings x 2, Joint Clamp.
  • Use with 3-Way Gate Anchor (G649114).




HD Gate Handle

  • Insulated handle.
  • Large protective shields.
  • Galvanized, non-turning hook.
  • Hook is flat for maximum electrical contact.
  • Heavy-Duty tension spring.




Econo Gate Handle
  • Highly visible green insulated handle.
  • Large protective shields
  • Galvanized, non-turning hook secured to handle.
  • Heavy-duty tension spring.