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Stampede "S" Alleys

Stampede Steel has taken an “S” curve idea to get the most out of cattle flow and made it user friendly. Our customers are amazed with the ease of workability in the adjustments. All “S” alleys are adjusted at the front of the working system and the adjustments are in a parallel fashion. Both sides move in with equal pressure which allows your system to operate smoothly for many years to come.

20 ft Standard AlleyItem
20 ft Open Sided Alley
#5400 L/R

These alleys are extremely quiet while in a working situation. Our alleys are built in one solid construction, and as well they can be adjusted in all types of weather from snow to the sand hills of Nebraska. There are four different settings on the alley, allowing you to run small calves through the system without turning, as well as running large cows and bulls!

Working Ranch in
Northern California

All alleys can be equipped with no backs, Catwalks, Open-Sided, Double Open, 20’ and 30’ lengths, vet sort gates, and can be either hydraulic or manual. Compliment your alley system with a Stampede Steel Bifold tailgate, crowding tub, and you can easily incorporate the SS Twin Alley. Allow Stampede Steel to build you a handling system that will make processing cattle enjoyable. We spend countless hours improving our equipment so you, the customers, will reap the rewards with better flow for your cattle and more longevity out of your investment! Safety for both livestock and handler come first while designing equipment that really works. Don’t settle for second best when your livelihood and safety are on the line.

SS can accommodate all your alley needs, including Modular Tapered Alley Systems. We are able to configure tapered alleys in many different degrees, from tight U curves to moderate, gradual curves. We can also use this type of alley for loadouts or feedlot lead-in alleys. This heavy duty constructed alley is available in many configurations. Please contact SS for more details on what will work best for your system!

Alley opens from 16" to 31" and come in 20 ft or 30 ft lengths.
SS Tapered