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523 N. Main, Colfax, Washington – 99111
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Gallagher Accessories

A range of accessory products are available to make your weighing sessions even easier.



Aluminum Cattle Platform [G05800]

A lightweight, high strength cattle platform designed to fit standard 2000kg Gallagher loadbars.



Destron Fearing Bluetooth Wireless Reader [DTR1]

Lightweight hand-held wireless bluetooth "stick" reader compatible with 500, 600, and 700 indicators.



Electronic Identification Reader [G00100]

Ideal cost effective entry level tag reader solution. Lightweight, hand-held 'stick' reader is compatible with 500, 700 and 800 weigh scale indicators



Rubber Mat for Cattle Platform [G00900]

Rubber mat lies in aluminum cattle platform to reduce noise and create traction surface for livestock entering scale.




Serial Printer with Cable [G00600]

Printer produces hard-copy results during weighing sessions.