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Livestock Handling Solutions




HYD-2000 X HD-Hydraulic Chute

  • Unique cradle design squeeze
  • Independent top and bottom body squeeze
  • Wide vet door access both sides
  • Side exit and bottom door access both sides
  • Full opening front and rear headgates 30"clearance
  • Optional hydraulic neck bender





Q-Catch Vet Squeeze Chute

  • Q-Catch head gate (shown with optional head sweep)
  • Heavy duty rolling door at rear
  • Adjustable neck extenders
  • Double side exit
  • Full parallel squeeze
  • All new anti-backing system
  • HDPE rump fingers
  • Rubber neck yoke
  • Brisket door




Sternum Bar

  • Easy to fit or remove as required
  • Helps to stop animals from going down





Q-Catch Headgate

  • Auto-adjusting head gate technology
  • Yoke design to eliminate the up and  down movement of animal’s head
  • Exceptional head control with neck extenders and head sweep option
  • Outstanding quality and engineering


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